People with New Year's resolutions are not the only ones who want change for 2017; the Indiana General Assembly does too.

The Indiana legislative session for 2017 has started with an influx of bills that could impact Hoosiers from every walk of life. For a bill to become a law, the Indiana House and Senate must pass it before being sent to the governor for approval.

The Daily News went through proposed bills from the Indiana House and Senate with a focus on compiling a list that focuses on issues that are important to college students.


House Bill 1134

The Protection of Life bill, which was authored by Republican Rep. Curt Nisly, would remove the ability to undergo an abortion. The bill states that human life starts when a male’s sperm fertilizes the ovum, a female reproductive cell. The bill would also redefine the definition of “human being” and add changes to the criminal code.

Senate Bill 118

A bill authored by Republican Sen. Dennis Kruse proposes mandatory ultrasounds before a woman could undergo an abortion. The ultrasound would have to be done at least 48 hours before the operation. The bill would require women to view the ultrasound image as well as hear the fetus’ heart tone if it is detectable.


Senate Bill 225

This bill, which was authored by Democrat Sen. Karen Tallian, proposes a medical marijuana program that would be overseen by a new state agency called the Department of Marijuana Enforcement. The new agency would have the power to grant licenses to research facilities that are located in Indiana.

The bill would also enable caregivers and patients who have been approved by a physician to possess a specific quantity of marijuana for medical conditions.

Government and Voting

Senate Bill 179

This bill, authored by Republican Sen. James Buck, proposes that the position of superintendent of public instruction should be an appointed position instead of an elected position after Jan. 12, 2025. The governor would appoint the superintendent of public instruction, members of the charter school review panel and the director of special education.

Senate Bill 107

The straight ticket voting bill, which was authored by Republican Sen. Jon Ford, would change how voters can fill out their ballots for future elections. The bill would remove a current law that requires voters to select each candidate individually. If the bill is passed then the voters can choose a straight ticket option that would automatically select every candidate from a certain party.


House Bill 1159

This bill, authored by Republican Rep. Jim Lucas, would remove a current law that requires a Hoosier to have a license to carry a handgun.

College books

House Bill 1111

This bill, authored by Democrat Rep. Sheila Klinker, states that sales tax for college books would be removed if a college student who is enrolled in a college course purchases the books.

Minimum wage

Senate Bill 252

This bill, authored by Democrat Sen. Karen Tallian, proposes an increase for Indiana’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.62. 

Read more about these bills and others on the Indiana General Assembly’s website.