Pieces of art for the David Owsley Museum of Art's upcoming exhibit didn't arrive quite as expected.

While en route to the museum, the truck carrying the new artwork caught fire early last week. The pieces were headed for a brand new exhibit at the museum entitled “SHIFT".

The truck was coming from New York when the back end suddenly caught fire, said Rachel Buckmaster, the Assistant Director of the Museum of Art.

Most of the art was packed near the front of the truck, so there was no substantial damage to the pieces.

“There was a bit of a moment when our fingers were crossed hoping that there was no damage," Buckmaster said. “We feel very luck that there wasn’t.”

Some pieces sustained a smoky film. However, the artists were waiting at the museum and were able to supervise the cleaning of the works.

Because the art was coming from New York, the museum used U.S. Art to ship their products.

“They have been really great,"  Buckmaster said. "They got the fire out and sent a rescue shipping truck to bring everything to us."

While none of the pieces were destroyed, the cleaning process did set the museum timeline back a couple days.

“It’s kind of funny because the exhibition is called ‘SHIFT',” Buckmaster said. “We’ve had to go with the flow a lot with this exhibit and this is just one of the many things we’ve had to go through.”

The exhibit opens Jan. 20 and will remain open until May 7. It was curated by Lisa Banner, a New York City artist who is an expert in Spanish drawings.

The exhibition is designed to interpret and challenge one’s perception of themselves and others through space, identity and transparency.

It will feature the work of Jongil Ma, Christopher Smith and Corban Walker. The artists will all return throughout the semester to give talks based on their work.