Cold air has moved in on the campus of Ball State University, along with snow


MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -- Good Evening! The jet stream has moved south from Canada, bringing much cooler air along with it. Today, Muncie also first got its taste of sticking snow! It began as flurries throughout the day, but got a bit heavier in the beginning evening hours around dinner time. These flurries will move out overnight, still leaving cold air as the last full week of classes for the Fall 2016 semester end here at Ball State. After a high of 26 for tomorrow, temps will get a bit warmer into the lower 30s for Saturday and Sunday. Coming along on Sunday, this is when the next frontal system will move through the area, bringing a few inches of snow along for the ride. Expect snow throughout the day on Sunday, turning over to rain going into Monday. Temps will be in the mid-to-lower 30s for Monday and Tuesday, before an even colder Arctic air blast moves into Indiana Wednesday night and into Thursday. With that new blast, temps will drop into the high teens to near 20, with slight snow chances. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter, @NLIWeather for all your weather updates!


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