December is finally here... how will temps play out?


December has finally arrived, and with it came a drop in temperatures. The last few days of November bought temperatures above average, but today we actually fell under average for this time of year. The average daily high for December 1st is 47 degrees, but we only reached 42 for the high. We are. however; back more more appropriate conditions for this time of year. Friday will bring more overcast skies to end the work week, with a high of 41 degrees. Our first true chance to see snow accumulation is this Sunday, with the possibility for a rain/snow mixture. Usually, our first true snowfall is mid November, so we are due for it soon. Temperatures will remain in the mid to low 40's for much of the 7 day forecast, but we might see a high of only 29 for next Thursday. Make sure to give us a follow on Twitter @NLIWeather

--NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecaster, Balint Szalavari

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