For many students, bitter cold mornings were made sweeter by the sugary taste of a Concannon’s donut; however, this won’t be the case anymore.

After nearly four years of partnership, Concannon’s Bakery has stopped its delivery services to Ball State dining halls.

In addition to donuts, Concannon’s also delivered scones, éclairs and other types of pastries to sweet-toothed students.

Students can find Concannon’s homemade treats at one of their two locations at 4801 W Baker Lane or 620 N Walnut Street.

The reason for the sudden stop in delivery is unclear but Karen Adkins, director of dining and dining initiatives, said that there are no plans for delivery to resume in the near future.

Dining has replaced Concannon’s with another type of pastry for the rest of the semester.

Adkins said that there have been no complaints from students, and dining is working to find an alternative bakery for the long haul.

“We have tried to get the message out that we are looking for a new vendor and hope to have something once the new semester starts,” Adkins said.

Concannon’s products were not a large source of revenue for the university, Adkins said.

After multiple attempts to reach out to the owners of Concannon’s, no comments were made by the business. 

Concannon’s holiday popcorn will be the only product from the bakery still sold in the dining halls.