BSU looks to expand

The Christian Campus House is located right in the path of where the University is starting to develop. But, Pastor Mark Pike says he is not concerned about the expansion.

"We’re glad to have Ball State as a neighbor because we want to serve students, so the more opportunity we have to serve students and get to know students, the more visible we are to students and we think that's a good thing. We see Ball State as a good neighbor, so no we're not threatened by that at all," said Pike

Instead, he says he's encouraged by the school's support.

"Every time I’ve had a conversation with someone from Ball State, they have affirmed that they see us as an important part of the community, and that they value our presence and want to see that continue,” says Pike, “So we're encouraged by that."

"While construction is getting closer to the church, Ball State's Associate Vice President of Planning Jim Lowe says he believes they have mapped out everything in a way that won't affect local businesses and citizens.

"At this time when I look at the campus master plan,” says Lowe, “I see no issues with how we're expanding and developing the campus, so we're in good shape. It's a good situation we're in. Absolutely."

While expansion is bound to bring about change, in this case, that change isn't going to negatively impact the surrounding area. 


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