Clinton returns to campaign, smiling and appearing energetic

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail Thursday, smiling and chatting with reporters as her plane flew to North Carolina. The Democratic presidential candidate appeared energetic and in high spirits after the bout of pneumonia that sidelined her.

She said she was "doing great" and "excited to get to North Carolina" for a campaign event. She was expected to take more extensive questions later in the day.

Clinton left a 9/11 memorial service in New York on Sunday, stumbling and being supported by others as she entered her car. Her campaign said later that she had been diagnosed with mild pneumonia on Friday.

"I'm really glad that I did finally follow my doctor's orders and take some days to rest instead of just trying to keep powering through, which I think is a common experience for people," she told the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" in an interview broadcast Thursday morning.

She and Trump both released letters from their doctors this week with additional details about their health, including their cholesterol levels, blood pressure and current medications. Both candidates' physicians declared them fit to serve as president.

Student Reactions

Cameron Ervin, senior theatre and English Major

“It depends — as long as you don’t have something fatal, your health should probably be kept, shared how you want it to be," Ervin said.

Nathalie Leeds, freshman elementary education

“Personally, I think it is extremely important, if we don’t have somebody who is physically and mentally in their best health then they can’t worry about our countries well-being if they have to worry about theirs,” Leeds said.

Devyn Tarr, freshman telecommunications major

“I look to put somebody in office that’s going to be there in the long run," Tarr said. "I don’t want to elect somebody to be in there if they have the potential to have to leave sooner than later.”

Kylee James, freshman education major

“They’re in control of everything and if something were to go wrong with them, that would affect us too,” James said.