Pro-life students took to the Campus Green on Sept. 27 to share encouraging words with students passing by.

Ball State Students For Life, part of a national organization made up of over 1,000 student groups, worked to engage in discussions about the stance political parties have on abortion and aimed to promote an understanding of the pro-life position in America, said Nora Hopf, president of the Ball State group.

“[The democratic party platform] believes that our money, our taxpayer money, should pay for other people’s abortions in the United States as well as in other countries,” Hopf said. “By having this display, we’re hoping that students will realize that their taxpayer money is not actually reflecting what they believe.”

Members of the campus organization reached out to students as they walked to class, explaining their positions and handing out brochures. They also encouraged students to sign a pledge to show their support for pro-life advocacy.

Meghan Walls, a sophomore musical education major, was one students who signed the pledge.  

“The way they presented it, and explained that life is life, no matter at what stage, that’s what I believe — that every person should have the chance to live," Walls said.

Sophomore animation major Melanie Hughes also said she was encouraged to sign the pledge after hearing about the other students talk about the importance of being pro-life.

“I’m not personally for abortions,” Hughes said.  “But my stance on it is people are going to live their lives, regardless of what anyone else thinks. I’m not going to choose for them.”

Sarah Lindholm, Vice President of Students for Life, said that the sensitive topic was handled in a very diplomatic way.  

“I’ve found that people were respectful and curious, and just honestly wanted to know why we’re here,” Lindholm said. "They were open to hearing what we had to say even if they didn’t agree."

For more information on the student group, visit the organization's website.