This week, the Student Government Association welcomed five new senators at their Sept. 14 meeting. 

Each new member was required to give an introductory statement and answer any questions by previous senators.

Samantha Solomon, a sophomore political science and women's studies major and a new senator, took interest in SGA due to her passion for politics and helping the Ball State community grow, she said in her introductory statement.

"I don't really have one cohesive idea, but it's a few different things that I've seen. One of the things is that I think that we need to make the Green Line bus more inclusive to the people who are in DeHority [Complex], Woodworth [Complex] and Park [Hall] because it doesn't go around there," Solomon said.

Beyond the buses, Solomon also stressed the importance of campus safety measures. Recently, students have taken notice of the unreliable streetlights on campus. The lights are dim and motion-censored.

"I think that we need to make the streetlights way brighter and a lot more liable because they do not work very well at all. Especially [when] students are walking around at night ... it's not safe," Solomon said.

While many of the candidates had a plan of action or specific changes they wanted to implement on campus, sophomore political science major Alex DeLong came in with one goal in mind: to represent the students.

"What I want to do for SGA is ... basically, represent the students," DeLong said. "Me, personally, I just want to make sure everybody is equally represented and acutely identified so that everybody on campus, all their views and wants, be met in some way, shape or form."

Other students voted in as senators were returning sophomore criminal justice and criminology major Alexus Torrence, junior history, theater and telecommunications major Zoe Taylor, and junior legal studies and political science major Rebecca Musal.