The National Residence Hall Honorary held their annual fall leadership conference Sept. 24 to help Hall Council members develop the skills needed to be the best leaders they can be.

“My hall council got to become closer to one another and we also learned better ways to work with each other,” said Caitlin Maloney, a freshman history and social studies education major and Resident Hall Association representative.

The conference, held at Teachers College, was used as an opportunity for Hall Council members to develop their leadership skills together. Various interactive sessions and topics like "Handling Confrontation" and "What's Your Leadership Style?" were offered to students during the conference.

Kathy Berryhill, a sophomore construction management major led the “What is Your Leadership Style?” workshop and said she felt like the day was very beneficial for growing leaders.

“This day gives the councils time outside of the week and a more relaxed setting to figure out what they want to do in their hall,” Berryhill said.

Maloney also said the conference really helped her, personally.

“One of the benefits of Hall Council is really showcasing your leadership skills," Maloney said. “I’m able to voice my opinion and ideas and also having a hand in carrying out ideas. Another benefit was helping me connect with people in my residence hall. It makes the dorms feel more like home.”

The annual conference features different sessions on handling confrontation and leadership while also discussing lighter aspects like helping to cope with stress with things like mediation and Zumba.

Matt Hinkleman, a freshman political science and legal students major and the SGA representative, stressed the importance of attending the annual event. 

“I think attendance is important ... the conference offered all of us some good camaraderie and helped us to become more comfortable with each other," Hinkleman said. "The benefits of coming were beyond individual improvements. I really enjoyed spending a day with my Hall council.”

Hinkleman said being a part of Hall Council can be stressful, but it is worth it because students get a lot of opportunities to help improve their halls.

“By joining Hall Council and being a SGA representative, I am able to voice the concerns of the residences of my halls and report them back to my hall. It’s my responsibility to report these concerns back to senate,” Hinkleman said. “This is a way of giving my hall a voice to be heard by a wider audience.”