The Student Action Team hosted their 14th annual Bingo After Dark event Sept. 20 in Park Hall.

Bingo After Dark featured bingo, condom races, free snacks and condoms, and multiple prizes from the adult entertainment store Cirilla’s. 

The event was designed to stress how important safe sex is and teach more about consent, what it means and why it is important.

Kaylee Keesling, SAT's Awareness vice president, helped with the event. Keesling said this event has multiple benefits for students.

“Not only do we want to teach students about safe sex and how to have it, but also about gender neutrality because not everyone identifies as the sex they were born with," Keesling said. "People aren’t really taught what that is in high school health classes.”

Students enjoyed the approach of interactive activities to learn more about safe sex. 

“It was really fun. They really made us feel comfortable with talking about things that we wouldn’t be comfortable talking about openly," said Noah Price, a sophomore criminal justice major. "The event was really energizing and the energy helped us get over that awkward feeling when talking about sex."

Jim Hague, SAT assistant director, said he felt like Bingo After Dark has been very successful over the years.

“For the SAT, the primary focus is to raise awareness around a series of topics with this event being about sexual health and education," Hauge said. "Bingo After Dark has been a really successful way over the years to bring students together to learn about safe sex and how to practice having safe sex.”