A Ball State alert warning students of an armed robbery near campus ended with only $5 stolen. 

The alert was sent out around 1:30 a.m. Sept. 21, warning students of the robbery. Fifteen minutes later, the all-clear was issued. 

Muncie Police Department Sgt. Mike Engle said a man with a gun walked up to four men — three who were 18 years old and one who was 20 years old — and told him to empty their pockets. 

When the men said they didn't have anything, the gunman racked his gun and ordered the men to give him everything valuable, Engle said. 

One man had a wallet on him with $5, a credit card and his ID in it, which he gave to the gunman. The wallet was later turned in to the Ball State University Police Department. 

"The only thing missing out of it was $5, so basically it's just a $5 robbery," Engle said. 

No one was injured in the robbery, and Engle was not able to say whether the men involved were students or not. 

The case is still active, but Engle said there isn't anything to go off now, and no arrests have been made. He said the case will stay active just in case anything comes up, but because the man was well covered, there's no way to identify him.