John R. Emens Auditorium was full of laughter for a solid two hours Friday night, when TruTV’s Michael Carbonaro performed his show “Carbonaro Live!”

Vanessa Lange, a freshman business major, watched some of Carbonaro’s videos online before deciding to attend his show.

“I thought they were interesting and funny,” Lange said. “The show itself was pretty funny. The lemon trick was my favorite.”

The show kicked off with “Laughs” comedian Mark Poolos. During his 10-minute opening act, he got the crowd going with his stories about Walmart and various members of his family.

Carbonaro opened the show fairly quickly, saying, “I’m a magician, and I can show you tricks.”

Throughout the show, Carbonaro gave the audience snippets into his past. He talked about being on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, and showed multiple video clips from when he was first starting out, as well as from his show “The Carbonaro Effect.”

“I owe where I am now to Jay Leno,” he said.

Many of the tricks required audience participation, and audience members of varying ages were selected. Almost all of Carbonaro’s participants got some sort of “thank you” gift: a signed poster, a T-shirt or magic wands.

During the show, Carbonaro, who started as a special effects artist, used minimal effects, instead focusing on his tricks. When he did use effects, it was lighting changes and some music. He improvised many of the effects himself, making noises with his mouth or shouting, “Fireworks.”

After one trick, he took time to briefly talk about an organization he supports, Hocus Focus. The organization uses magic tricks to teach children and adults with learning disorders. Carbonaro signed one of the props used in the trick and sold it after the show — all proceeds will go to Hocus Focus.

Before his final act, Carbonaro closed by expressing his gratitude for the audience.

“I’m so grateful for these giant audiences,” he said. “Thank you for letting me come and do magic for you.”