As an audience attending a performance, whether it may be a play or a concert, all that is shown are the people under the spotlight, but BSU Backstage is all about getting to know the person behind the spotlight. 

BSU backstage is a student group that has been around for 10 years and has between 30-40 members throughout the year. The club is led by faculty and students who allow those who are interested in the technical side of theatre to engage with one another and their crafts.

Violet Smith, a senior design and technology major, has been a part of the group since she was a freshman, and is now in charge of publicity and fundraising for the club.

BSU Backstage offers many workshops in which they partner with faculty members or other theatre organizations.

All workshops are open to anyone even if they are not in the club. Some of the workshops and classes include carpentry and lighting classes, which can be great skills for anyone to learn.

“One of the most popular workshops would be the flying workshop, where you get hands on experience setting up the harness system and then get to try it out,” Smith said. These clubs are free to Backstage members but are open to everyone for a small rate of $2.

Being a part of the club can open up many doors in the theatre community for those involved in the group, such as internships with the Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT) and Muncie Civic Theatre, which are well-known local theatres that provide excellent references and opportunities.

“The club is a great way for students to meet other people in their designated field, as well as a good way to build and create a portfolio in technical backgrounds,” Smith said.

The student group is very involved both off and on campus. They participate in activities such as Late Nite, where they occasionally do face painting, as well as create a basket at auction night.

“Putting events together is hard work, but when it all comes together and people can enjoy themselves and make friends, then all of that hard work is worth it,” said Jackson Golden, president of BSU Backstage.

BSU Backstage meets every Thursday at 5:15 p.m. in AC, Room 12. A typical meeting involves the group going through the schedule and events and festivals that are coming up, as well as discussing possible fundraising ideas, which the members are encouraged and welcomed to participate in.

The money that is raised during these fundraisers helps pay for scholarships that can be awarded to students in the theatre department.

They are welcoming to any and all newcomers, even those who are not necessarily just majors in the theatre department. There is a $5 joining fee for the year, which helps pay for events and workshops that the club attends.

Being a part of BSU backstage not only helps build connections both professionally and socially, but also provides a solid support system where people can come together and share common connections and interests.