Muncie charity holds inaugural 'DreamFest' to benefit people in poverty


TEAMwork for Quality Living will be putting on the first ever DreamFest on Aug. 27 from noon to 5 p.m. at the Delaware County fairgrounds.

DreamFest is an inaugural event aimed at raising money for TEAMwork for Quality Living and Delaware County Circles. The organization's mission is to help people in poverty work to get out of poverty and become self-sufficient.

The event will include four main “zones:” Sports and Adventure, Kids and Technology, Arts and Culture and Big Stuff. The “zones” consist of experiences such as 3-D printing, aircraft simulators, graffiti art, monster truck rides and tree climbing.

Golden Tickets can be used to enter the Dream raffle to win an array of “dream” prizes such as two VIP tickets to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" with airfare, lodging and a rental car included. Other prizes include a hot-air balloon ride for two and dinner at Merks Family Dining with an accompanying one-hour flight over the Muncie area.

“DreamFest is a way of bringing the entire community together and building relations,” said Kellie Arrowood, co-chair of the event. “In planning this event, we thought of what were the dreams that people in poverty have rather than people in the middle class.”

Arrowood, who was once in poverty herself, encourages Ball State students to become involved in DreamFest by going to the fundraiser's website and filling out a volunteer sheet.

“A lot of students are going on to a career in education or social work and you are going to deal with someone who is in poverty,” Arrowood said. “Teachers need to understand what is going on in the lives of kids. You may not know that one of your students was kicked out of their house and slept in their car last night.”

TeamWork for Quality Living is also currently involved with other projects. One is a extracurricular fund that provides money for impoverished students' extracurricular expenses in Muncie Public Schools.

TEAMwork for Quality Living, which will be celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, hopes to raise around $5,000 and see 1,000 people at the event. 

DreamFest is supported by a volunteer staff of around 200. Churches, Boy Scout troops and  the Ball State Tennis team will be helping with the festival.

“We really did a lot of research on whether this had been done and it hasn’t,” Arrowood said. “Hopefully it will be a yearly thing.”

Admission to the event is $5 for adults and teens 13 and older and $2 for children 12 and under. Tickets for experiences are $1 each and Golden Tickets, which are used for raffle prizes, are $5 each.


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