SnOasis, Muncie's newest and only destination to get authentic Hawaiian shaved ice, opened toward the end of June on Tillotson Avenue across from Arby's. 

The shop currently offers 30 flavors of shaved ice – which is known for its less crunchy texture, compared with the average snow cone. The shop also uses the same flavors to make milkshakes and serves ice cream.

Co-owner Teresa Phipps opened the restaurant with her brother and sister after the three were looking for something to do that would be fun and not be much like work.


Located at 764 S. Tillotson Avenue


12 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Sun:2 p.m. - 9 p.m.

“It’s really like one of the happiest, most fulfilling things that we’ve ever done,” Phipps said. “It’s just so much fun. Everyone that comes is happy and then they leave happy, so it’s just a blast.”

Phipps noticed there were no shaved ice places in Muncie, but there was one that she frequently visited in Anderson. She wanted to have something in Muncie so she and others could still enjoy shaved ice without the drive.

“The word has spread so quickly on Facebook and Twitter [that we’re open], and we’ve really been so blessed,” Phipps said. “We’ve been doing really well.”

Phipps is anticipating the return of Ball State students in August and hopes SnOasis becomes a place for them to hang out. She said they are considering adding food to their menu because they want to stay open year-round, but they're not sure yet.

Even though the business has been open less than a month, they already have customers that frequently visit.

“This little girl, she comes to our window really just about every day and she’s so excited to tell me about what’s gone on since she saw me last,” Phipps said. “The relationships that we’re building already with people, I love it. It’s amazing. … That’s what I look forward to the most.”

Melissa England, an incoming freshman and social work major, said she'll be giving SnOasis a try when she comes to campus in August.

"I would definitely give the place a try. Warm weather and ice cream just go hand in hand," England said. "It sounds like it would be a really great place to take new friends as a fun new hangout place when school starts up in the fall."

While there aren't discounts for students as of now, both police officers and firemen will receive a 25 percent discount. However, anyone can get a customer card, allowing them to get a free small shaved ice after the purchase of 10.