New in technology this month

This month, like every month, has seen some advancements in the world of technology. Though the talk of every social media platform has been Pokemon Go, there is more tech news worth knowing this month. 

New Apple patent

Apple is known to have gotten a lot of patents — some never even making it to their products. Apple’s newest patent this month could ban iPhone users from taking photos and videos at concerts and other major events. According to the application, which was submitted back in 2011, Apple would use infrared signals to track the phone’s location and emit a signal and command to disable recording functions. The legalities of this kind of technology have not been fully fleshed out, but considering Apple’s history of protecting its customers’ privacy, it is possible the technology will never be implemented.

Twitter livestream

Twitter, which recently livestreamed Wimbledon, has announced it will also livestream both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. The social media platform has been at the forefront of the election because of the candidates’ tendency to tweet about current events, their platforms and each other.

Snapchat Memories

Snapchat, an app that largely focuses on in-the-moment sharing, has introduced a new feature that will allow users to view posts they’ve shared previously. Snapchat users can now share a photo, video or entire story to their “memories” archive and view them later. There is also a private section of Memories called “My Eyes Only” which requires a password to unlock, so users don’t have to fear others looking into their more personal snaps. Users can also share snaps from their Memories archive in their story, where it will be marked that it is an older post.

Pokemon Go

The new Pokemon Go app took off this month. The app uses your phone’s GPS to track where you are and which Pokemon you can catch — there are 151 available. The game encourages users to get out and move to catch Pokemon. The app has become so popular that it is close to beating Twitter for the most Android users, and has fed 90s kids' and Pokemon lovers’ desire to become Pokemon Masters. Since the app emerged, the Muncie Animal Shelter has launched a new program in which players can walk the shelter's dogs while they catch Pokemon. 


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