Delaware County's bicentennial bison to be displayed at artist's open house

<p>Denise King has painted her&nbsp;baby "practice" bison and will paint&nbsp;a&nbsp;5-foot tall fiberglass bison on location so the community can watch the bison come to life. <em>PHOTO COURTESY OF MUNCIECALENDAR.COM</em></p>

Denise King has painted her baby "practice" bison and will paint a 5-foot tall fiberglass bison on location so the community can watch the bison come to life. PHOTO COURTESY OF MUNCIECALENDAR.COM

Delaware County will display its bison sculpture as part of Indiana’s Bison-tennial Public Art Project today.

The Indiana Association of United Ways, in partnership with the Indiana Bicentennial Commission, is coordinating the project in celebration of Indiana’s 200th birthday.

The project will feature at least one fiberglass bison, the state symbol in each of Indiana’s 92 counties.

The Muncie Arts and Culture Council selected Denise King as the artist for the Bison-tennial Public Art project.

King has a fine arts education with an emphasis in painting and drawing and is a self-proclaimed Muncie and Delaware County enthusiast and promoter, according to As a mural artist and community activist with a love of history, she was drawn to this particular project.

“My intention is to create a piece that is not only beautiful, engaging and interesting, but respectful, informed, educational and a vehicle to spark public interest in the subject matter,” King told the Muncie Arts and Culture Council.

King has been working on decorating the 5-foot tall fiberglass bison “on location” so the community can watch the bison “come to life.”

From 5-9 p.m. today, community members will have the opportunity to see how the Bicentennial Bison project has been progressing and learn about what inspired the design at the Denise King Open House located at the studio in the Walnut Crown Building, 227 S. Walnut Street.

The bison participating in the Bison-tennial Public Art project are expected to make appearances in the local community and along the Bicentennial Torch Relay route leading up to Indiana’s Bicentennial Statehood Day on December 11, 2016, according to The Delaware County bison will then find its permanent home in Tuhey Park, near Ball State's campus. 


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