Happy Friday Guy

Happy Friday Guy is a super hero-esque person dressed in a blue morph suit, a cape and usually yellow clothing. No one knows who’s behind the suit, but you can catch him on Fridays around campus wishing people a “Happy Friday” and giving out candy and high fives.

Frog Baby

Frog Baby is the little statue that lives in the fountain in front of Bracken Library. During exams, students take to rubbing her nose for good luck, some swear by it. In the winter months, students regularly dress her up in scarves and hats to keep Frog Baby warm.


Beneficence, also known as Benny, is the university’s icon, and can be regularly spotted on t-shirts, notebooks and other Ball State items. Legend has it, that if you kiss your significant other under Benny at midnight, her wings will flap if it is true love.

Naked Lady

The Naked Lady, whose real name is Forest Idyll, lives on the main floor lobby of Bracken Library. The statue is often used as a meeting spot for friends and those who go to the library for group meetings.