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This month has seen some changes and advances in technology. Aside from the commonly talked about Instagram redesign, some major companies have announced their efforts to offer more to subscribers. This month, it’s all about television and videos.


Amazon, following suit of YouTube, has launched its Video Direct Service, which allows users to share their own video on the site. Those who share videos can collect royalties based on hours streamed by prime members as well as shared revenue for rentals, subscriptions and ad impressions, according to Amazon’s website. Videos can be original or licensed, as long as they are high definition and have subtitles available for the hearing impaired.


Spotify will be offering original television shows to its paying members in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Sweden. The company will be making 12 original series. The shows will range from a documentary about music history, a mockumentary about a hip-hop competition, as well as comedic and animated shows to appeal to the company’s younger audience. “The idea is to make sure users know they can come here for something other than playlists,” Spotify’s Tom Calderone told Bloomberg in an interview.


In 2017, YouTube is set to roll out its new online television service called Unplugged. It is unclear exactly how YouTube will push out the shows, but it has discussed promoting a group of channels as bundles, Bloomberg reported. The company is looking to sell the subscriptions for less than $35 a month, according to the report.


Hulu is also looking to start a live television service in partnership with Fox and Disney, which are co-owners of the company. The channels expected to be available are Disney’s ABC, ESPN, Disney Channel as well as Fox’s broadcast network, Fox News, FX, and Fox’s regional sports channels, the Wall Street Journal reported


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