Trump rally to take place in Indiana Wednesday

After several months of candidates battling for delegates, Indiana is now significant in the 2016 presidential election. On Wednesday, April 20th, Donald Trump will hold his first rally in the Hoosier state.

The rally will take place in the Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion at the State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis. This will be Trump’s first visit to Indiana in preparation for the May 3rd primary where 57 delegates will be at stake. There have not been many predictions or polls for Indiana’s primary, which leaves voters not knowing how the candidates stand.

Protesters are communicating through social media like Facebook urging people to order tickets and not show; a tactic used in Michigan. Facebook user Becky Schlomann wrote a post saying, “I reserved the max number per phone number (2) so that those seats go unfilled. This is a form of protest that worked well in Michigan. Will you consider doing the same and sharing?” So far the post has gotten over 650 shares in a few hours.


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