BSU Board of Trustees, Faculty reach agreement

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MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -- Ball State’s Board of Trustees announced Friday it had passed a resolution drafted by both them and the University Senate. The resolution reaffirmed both organizations’ commitment to working toward the 18 by 18 goals set by former president Paul Ferguson.

Both the Board and University Senate spokeswoman Amy Harden said they believe this resolution is a significant step forward from the fallout that occurred following Paul Ferguson’s sudden resignation.

The resolution still needs to be approved by the University Senate, but Harden says she is confident it will pass.

“Given that the leadership of the Senate was present this morning, and all supported it, I’m very hopeful that that will go through the Senate as well,” Harden said.

The Board also announced it had completed its selection process for the presidential search committee and hired a search firm.

Board chairman Rick Hall believes the resolution, the hiring of the firm and completing the selection of the search committee have set the groundwork for a productive presidential search. However, he could not confirm a definite timetable for the search.


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