Five Pokemon we would like to see as DLC in Pokken Tournament


Since Pokken Tourament's release last week, the Byte Features team has been pondering what Pokémon we would like to see make a grand entrance into the games world through upcoming DLC. Out of the 721 Pokémon these are the five we would like to see come to the game in the near future.

Meghan Duffy - Mawile 

Mawile is one of the neatest Pokémon to come from Generation 3. Not only is it one of the coolest from gen 3, it also has one of my personal favorite mega evolutions. There’s no doubt it would have been a cool Pokémon to fight with or against in Pokken Tournament. There would be a ton of moves that Mawile could use to take advantage of its hair mouth that would have really showcased what a neat pokemon it is.

Imagine taking it on while its kicking and punching you, only for it to turn itself around and bite you with its massive mouth. Even better than that would be if it were to mega transform in the battle. Now there’s double trouble coming for you with its twintails of death. It’s a shame Mawile didn’t make the cut for the game, but we can always hope for it in the future.

Jake Doolin - Ludicolo

There is nothing that cannot be improved by dance, and no Pokémon showcases this better than Ludicolo. Their adorable moves have made him a favorite in the Pokémon world and if given the chance they would great edition to Pokken Tournament, a game that could use the kind of odd ball charm Ludicolo brings in spades.

Using a mix of healing moves like Rain Dance alongside his rhythmic dances would give Ludicolo a sort of bait and destroy style perfect for a fighting game. Plus his happy nature would create a nice dichotomy with his seriousness during fights. One can imagine the kind of shock that would happen if when after a big win Ludicolo starts dancing with that goofy grin on their face. His overtly cute personality might fool some, but given the chance to hop into the ring Ludicolo would show no mercy.

Dalton Martin - Hawlucha

First off, who was the fool that decided there needed to be two separate Pikachu fighters?! There are over 700 unique Pokémon and someone decides to double-dip on the series mascot by introducing a lucha libre-esque variant. Did they not realize they had Hawlucha, a Pokémon that literally has the word lucha in it’s name?

Not only is it a Fighting type, but it would also be the first Flying type to be included in Pokken, which opens up the possibility of some amazing high-flying attacks that no other character would be able to pull off. Between the moves Flying Drop, High Jump Kick, and Sky Drop, Hawlucha definitely has the potential to be a super technical fighter that does high damage at the expense of huge openings for its opponent if Hawlucha fails. There are more reasons to include Hawlucha more so than reasons not to, so this is your chance Nintendo to fix your wrongs for even having the audacity to replace Hawlucha with Lucha-chu

Emily Reuben - Roserade 

Roses are red; violets are blue. I choose Rosereade, and so should you. Grass type Pokémon are not typically thought of as great fighters, usually being included in teams as status inducers. While not packing the heaviest of punches, Roserade would make a great addition to the Pokken Tournament roster by imparting more color and flair to a somewhat monochromatic cast of fighters.

With moves like Petal Blizzard, Petal Dance, Magic Leaf, and Dazzling Gleam, the battlefield could be littered with awesome particle effects fully taking advantage of the Wii U’s processing power to render it all in beautiful HD. That isn’t to say that Roserade is lacking when up close and personal; moves like Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Cut, and Grass Knot would make this elegant grass type a truly formidable foe.

Michale Robb - Scyther

This particular generation one Pokémon has always had a special place in my heart, but beyond that, Scyther would be a perfect addition to the Pokken Tournament roster. As of the game's launch, bug types are completely unrepresented, and while the game doesn’t take type advantage/disadvantage into account, it seems strange to me that a larger variety wasn’t chosen for release. In addition, Scyther’s twin scythe hands combined with it’s lightning fast speed would make it ideal for Pokken Tournament’s fighting genre. Currently, only 3 Pokémon in the roster have a battle style focused on speed, and Scyther would be a shoe in for a hit and run style of combat, with it’s weakness being a lower health pool.


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