Byte's top dogs of gaming


In honor of National Puppy Day, we here at Byte have taken a look at the best canines characters that gaming has to offer.

Lesser Dog -- Meghan Duffy

The moment I saw Lesser Dog in Undertale was the moment I realized that it was going to be a game that would last on in my heart. Look at his face, look how excited he is, look how his neck stretches into the void as you continue giving him pets.

Everything about him is the ideal dog. The best part of dogs is how petable they are and Undertale knows that, so you’re able to pet Lesser Dog into submission as well as until his head goes into the void and back again. How can you not love that? I’m just as excited about Lesser Dog’s existence as he is about pets and sticks. Do yourself a favor, love yourself and love Lesser Dog.

Koromaru -- Liz Shepherd

Koromaru is an adorable, yet fierce and loyal Shiba Inu in the game Persona 3. He is very adept at fighting, using a knife in his mouth to defeat Shadows. And as the series currently stands, Koro-chan is the only animal that can become your ally and fight enemies alongside the protagonist. Although he doesn’t get much character development as the game progresses, the player learns that he is very loyal.

After his owner’s death, Koromaru stays at a shrine that his master frequented, waiting for his return. He will do anything for his friends, no matter the cost. Koro-chan is a very loving, sweet dog that any Persona 3 player would love to have in their party. Fierce. Strong. Intelligent. Loyal. What’s not to love about Koromaru? He loves long walks and food like any other dog. But he is still someone the protagonist and the other characters in Persona 3 can rely on for help in any tough situation.

Amaterasu -- Emily Reuben

How do you best a dog who also happens to be the Sun Goddess? You can’t. Amaterasu, the beloved wolf from the Okami series, has one of the most unique dog designs in gaming, boasting red markings and cloud like fur. Not only does she have a divine appearance, she wields a heavenly instrument which gives her incredible fighting abilities.

What ultimately sets her apart from the other dog characters in the gaming world is the beautiful watercolor approach used to animate Amaterasu. This elegant and traditional style makes Amaterasu resemble traditional Japanese art, making her appear to be a creation taken straight from Japanese folklore.  

Isabelle -- Jake Doolin

One of the best characteristics of any dog is loyalty and Isabelle is just that, except to the extreme. Anytime I leave my Animal Crossing: New Leaf game for a few months (Fire Emblem was calling) I know that Isabelle will be running things to the best of her ability to cover for me. When I do finally get back into the game though she's always there waiting, not holding any grudges that I haven’t returned in a year or that I’ve been cheating the clock to get items. No, Isabelle just wishes you a nice day and offers any help she can. Her ability to see the best in anyone warms my heart and is the thing that makes me want to come back to town even when I’ve collected everything. She’s the real draw of Animal Crossing as she offers an undying friendship that never fades.

Mira -- Chase Streetman

Mira from Silent Hill 2 is basically the cult classic of dogs in video games. In what requires at least 3 and at most 4 playthroughs of this incredibly emotional and serious game, the player has the chance to find an inconspicuous key in a doghouse that will open a secret door in the Lakeview Hotel. Inside this room is what can only be described as emotional turmoil, as James Sunderland suddenly realizes that all of his troubles have been…

Because a dog is controlling his life from a secret observation room. Mira is one of the silliest and weirdest dog inclusions in any game in recent memory, and honestly, her continued presence in the Silent Hill series is one of the best easter eggs of all time. Plus, when you find her you get to listen to her sing an end credits song made entirely of barks and growls. What more could you possibly ask for?

Snoop Dogg as Crow -- Dalton Martin

It would be easy to name off just any of the huge array of canine characters for this list, but sometimes the less obvious answer is the best. This is why Snoop Doggy Dogg is obviously the superior dog character.

Playing the role as Crow in the cult-classic Def Jam Fight For NY, Snoop is a gang-banger crew boss who is also a skilled master of martial arts. While all the other dogs on the list may seem threatening or cute, you cannot deny that Snoopzilla could easily crack open some skulls with his pimp stick, and that is why the Master of Doggystyle deserves to be on this list.


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