The cost of college: work and school

Around 72 percent of college students juggle working a job with their classes. Twenty percent of those students work full-time jobs of 35 or more hours each week. With the increasing price of tuition, working while being a student has become a requirement for many young people with no other options.

Outside of on- and off-campus jobs, some students find other ways to make money. One student donates plasma to earn money. It has caused her discomfort and even caused her to faint while shopping, but since donors can make more than $200 a month, it is worth it to her. Other students find different ways to save on cash.

Some say working isn’t worth it for lower grades, but for students who work instead of taking out loans, only 14 percent graduate with over $50,000 in loan debt, compared to 35 percent for those who do not work while in school.

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