Warmer weather on its way

Mid-Day Web Weather Update


MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -- With the work week progressing, we have constantly seen the temperatures get warmer, along with more sunshine. Today's high will reach of 41 degrees, with overnight lows dropping down to 37 degrees. Friday will bring warmer temperatures, with temperatures reaching over 15 degrees warmer than the high for Thursday. Friday's high will reach 58 degrees, but with the warmth will also come strong winds. Winds will range from 20-30 miles per hour, so that 58 might feel a bit colder. Warmer temperatures will remain form the weekend, with a high of 61 for Saturday, and 51 for Sunday with an 80% chance for rain. After the weekend we will see temperatures drop back down into the 40's, bringing our next chance for possible snow on Tuesday.


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