Twofold Inc. hits the mobile sweet spot



There is something to be said about the simple nature of most mobile games. Where some might scoff at the seemingly straightforward style of these games, they often over look at how difficult it can be to make them fun. There are plenty of examples of mobile games that, at best, offer a passive experience that makes the player feel uninvolved with the game. The good mobile games are the ones that hit that sweet spot of something you can pick up and play at any moment and offers up enough challenge to keep you coming back. Twofold inc. the creation of Martin Jonasson (grapefrukt games) is one such game, offering a simple, yet compelling, puzzle experience that is hard to put down.

Mean, Median and Mode

If you have ever played Threes! (or if you hate yourself, 2048) then twofold inc. won’t be too far out of your comfort zone. Just like those games, the core gameplay of twofold inc. consists of bringing together similar blocks to create a chain of bigger and bigger numbers

It’s immensely satisfying when your carefully set up plan works out but it’s just as it is heartbreaking when you realize you’ve gotten yourself in a corner with no way out. But that’s not to say that twofold inc. is unfair in the slightest, in fact most of that heartbreak comes from you knowing it was all on you for your mistakes.

Twofold inc. isn’t perfect, however. Occasionally the game's difficulty can ramp up to less-than-fun levels and sometimes the requests are not communicated effectively, leading to confusion as to which color block to use first. The music is also a disappointment as I didn’t even notice it was on for the first few hours and, when I did, it was clear it was clear that it was an afterthought.


Twofold inc. ranks among the most enjoyable games I’ve have on my phone, providing a quick and entertaining puzzle game that keeps me playing.

+Depth of gameplay


-Music is an afterthought

-Difficulty spikes


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