Ten signs you're a Ball State student

Ball State students can be found slaving away in Bracken until the wee hours of the morning, roaming around the Village on weekends or preparing for winter break hibernation by eating and studying.

Here’s how to spot the elusive Cardinal, according to other Cardinals:

1. “You can hear the Scramble light counting even in your sleep.” – Max Holtzclaw, sophomore

“Twenty-eight, 27, 26, 25…” Now you’re reading this in the scramble light man’s voice.

2. "Someone says to meet at the Naked Lady and you think that's normal." -Ryan Reese, senior

The Naked Lady is a go-to meeting place for group projects, but to people outside of Ball State,

it might sound questionable.

3. “Your education has to be redefined.” –Matt Eppers, junior

The phrase is catchy despite its ambiguity.

4. “You would rather drink Skol than out of the water faucet.” –Carly Leigeber, sophomore

Skol is always there even when Muncie water quality is not.

5. “You have to remember to use your meal swipe before 8:30 because that’s when everything good closes.” –Tyler Gregory, senior

Oh, precious meal swipes: one of the perks of living on-campus.

6. “You park your car somewhere for five minutes and come back and have 16 parking tickets.” –Austin Lacy, freshman

Ball State’s parking services has a love affair with tickets.

7. “You get kicked out of Bracken because they’re closing… two nights in a row.” –Tatiana Thorpe, sophomore

Good grades, social life or sleep? Pick one

8. “Soda tastes like Apple Skol.” –Hannah Brnardic, junior

We just really love to hate Skol.

9."You treat every intersection like the Scramble Light." Ryan Ulrick, senior

Most of the time, crossing an intersection diagonally is considered jaywalking. 

10. “You run out of dining plus.” –Carly Leigeber, sophomore

The end of the semester means its time to whip out the calculators to make sure you don’t go over the allotted $8.20 for each meal.


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