Ten Christmas gifts for your roommate



Show the roomie some love with these 10 holiday present ideas.

1. Candle Warmer

This sweet-smelling gift is perfect for dorm rooms where candles are a no-no. Candle warmers just melt perfumed wax that come in many different scents.

Find one at: WalmartTarget or Amazon. Prices range from $11-$30

2. Bath bombs

This gift might be better for those who live off campus. Place a bath bomb in a tub and watch the magic happen. There are different types, but bath bombs can color and add a scent to bath water or make it fizz.

Find one at: Lush Cosmetics or Kohls. Prices range from $4-$9.

3. Witty Mug

Treat a coffee or hot chocolate lover to a cute mug. There are mugs with enough different sayings and pictures to fit anyone’s personality.

Find one at: Etsy

4. A cozy blanket

Sometimes dorms and apartments can get drafty, so why not buy a warm blanket? Make sure to snag one that matches the décor.

Find one at: WalmartTargetKohl’s and various online retailers. Also check out the Ball State bookstore. 

5. A scarf

Winter weather calls for scarves—making it a practical and fashionable roomie gift.

Find one at: Charlotte RusseForever 21Target, and various other retailers.

6. Portable Ping Pong Set

Dorm rooms can’t accommodate for regular ping pong tables and that’s why the portable ping pong set is a good Holiday gift. They don’t take up too much room, so you can store them easily, too.

Find one at: Dick's Sporting Goods for around $19.99.

7. R2D2 Measuring Cup Set

Make cooking fun with this Star Wars R2D2 figure made out of measuring cups.

Find one at: ThinkGeek.com for $19.99

8. Gentleman’s Deck of Cards

These are normal playing cards with a twist. Each card has a ‘gentlemanly’ message on it like instructions on how to enjoy a cigar.

Find one at: CoolMaterial.com for $14.95

9. Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman

Try giving the roommate this funny book by the man who played Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation.”

Find one at: Walmart and other book retailers.

10. Ball State Apparel 

Sometimes the best gifts are nearby: buy a Ball State hoodie or Christmas sweater. A Cardinal can never have enough t-shirts either, right?

Find one at: TIS or the Ball State Bookstore.


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