NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecast, November 19, 2015 - David Siple


MUNCIE, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -- Well after a cooler and windier Thursday, Friday we will see some of the same conditions however changes are in the forecast for late Friday and into Saturday. We will be seeing overcasts skies start to move into Central Indiana with rain showers moving in as well. We will try to reach a high of 45 Friday. For Saturday, we will be seeing our high temperatures in the morning which will be in the upper 30s and bottoming out Saturday night around 29 degrees. Rain showers will then turn in to a few snowflakes throughout the day, and by Sunday the system will be out making way for sunny conditions to end the weekend. Your Thanksgiving week does look Sunny with highs ranging from the upper 30s on Monday, and highs in the mid 50s on Thursday. 


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