Eleven signs you're a biology major

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1. You sometimes have a goggle imprint on your face. –Diamond Swope, sophomore

Biology majors, constantly in the lab, are always wearing protective goggles.

2. You suffered through organic chemistry and it made you “question your major and life.” –Tatiana Cox, senior

It’s difficult and required—a deadly combination.

3. The poster on your wall is the periodic table of elements –Kayla Harpold, sophomore

It’s not only a major, it’s a decorating style.

4. Your ‘syllabus week’ includes three quizzes, an exam, and a five page paper. – Harpold

Bio majors don’t get a slow start to the semester.

5. You’ve spent more time studying than sleeping. –Peter Beerbower, sophomore

Bio majors are no strangers to late-night coffee runs and study sessions

6. After every test, you contemplate dropping out and joining the circus. – Beerbower

Because that would suck less than studying into the a.m. for a test that will be bombed.

7. You keep your notes from every class in case they can help you in a new class, or a friend taking what you already took. –Cox

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8. You have to learn to read and write scientific papers and realize English did not prepare you for this. –Maggie Levendowski, senior

Science is a whole new writing ballgame.

9. You live in Cooper Science Building. –Jessica Enieda Ramos, sophomore

Between classes, labs and everything else, there is no escape. 

10. You start referring to animals by their scientific names. Crystal Nichols, sophomore

That Felis Domesticus…I mean cat is really cute.

11. You have more field guides than novels on your bookshelf. –Nichols

Who needs fiction when the outdoors are so awesome? 


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