Ten signs you're a history major

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1. "You went to the Renaissance fair instead of Homecoming." –Stone Robbins, junior

Jousting over football any day. 

2. “Slide projectors and grainy VHS tapes are a common occurrence rather than a thing of the past.” –Marie Prevost, senior

The equipment is almost as old as what you’re studying.

3. “You have a favorite war and/or time period.” –Alyssa VanSkyock, senior

Let’s hear it for World War II?

4. “The most common question you are asked is, ‘Who’s the best professor for HIST 150?’” –Prevost

5. “You can cite ‘Chicago Style’ and get pissed when you have to switch.” –VanSkyock

Let’s just not talk about APA or MLA.

6. “You think archival research is exciting.” –Brady Hertel, junior

The library is called "Club Bracken" for a reason.

7. “Your DVD collection consists mostly of documentaries.” –Nate Adams, junior

“'Netflix and chill' means watching a documentary about Neanderthals,” Robbins said.

8. “You have to correct people about historical inaccuracies.” –VanSkyock

Those feels when people talk about how short Napoleon was.

9. “Writing a three-page paper is a short assignment.” –Meghan McDougall, senior

An average paper is seven to 15 pages, McDougall said. 

10. You’ve said the phrase, “Except for the Mongols.” –Robbins

It’s a reference to the Crash Course World History videos. Because history majors like to learn even when they’re at home. 


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