Neighbors believe self-defense was a factor in Jackson street stabbing


A Muncie man is in jail after police found another man dead on the floor of his apartment. 38-year-old Billy Lipscomb was found stabbed to death in the Muncie apartment of the man suspected of killing him, 37-year-old Michael Williamson.

Witnesses say Williamson ran from home at 613 Jackson St., and into the Village Pantry next door, where police say he called 911. Williamson told the operator that Lipscomb had threatened to kill him and he had stabbed Lipscomb in the chest.

Neighbors say they believe Williamson acted on self-defense, but they also believe the altercation was drug-related.

"He's [Williamson] not violent by nature, whatsoever," neighbor and former high school classmate, Joshua Taylor said.

The victim Billy Lipscomb is the same man that made headlines last month, after being found guilty for robbing his mother for her cell phone. Lipscomb was serving a two-year probation.

Williamson has been arrested for murder and booked in the Delaware County Jail.


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