Alcohol awareness week comes just in time for Family Weekend


Family weekend approaches at the end of the week, and Ball State is taking action to provide a holistic view of campus and its nightlife.

The Ball State community received a call-to-action email from campus housing giving details for an entire week of alcohol awareness activities leading up to when parents arrive.

Anna Stachofsky, an architecture student believes alcohol awareness needs to be opened up for discussion for more than just a week out of the semester.

“Being aware is not just knowing the general statistics about alcohol, but it’s more about being self aware, knowing your own limitations, knowing what your peers are comfortable with…and being aware of your surroundings when you do go out,” Stachofsky said.

Many events hosted this past week covered informational and first hand experiences with alcohol related situations.

A virtual bar let attendees see the impact of alcoholic beverages on your health. Getting the experience to “drive drunk” by wearing drunk goggles and driving an old golf cart through an obstacle course was a different take in the personal experiences.

John Adams, one of the store managers of Muncie Liquors, says that he can tell the age of people who buy alcoholic beverages from his store just by looking at them. Being involved in the military for many years has made his eye prone to catching small details to depict ones age.

Although he has a gift, he still says it is extremely important to card every person, even if one may not be purchasing alcohol. They hold an interesting policy when a person comes in already intoxicated.

"It’s the responsibility of our clerks, managers and such to view the people when they’re coming in and just…refuse service is what we do,” says Adams. “We always look to see if they are driving, if they are driving we encourage them not to drive or even offer to help them get home.”

Many people in the community are being aware of alcohol and its affect on nervous system and to people individually.


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