Cleo’s Bourbon Bar will no longer be moving to downtown Muncie—it will be staying right in the Village, where it has always been. 

Though there was talk about merging Sir Nacho's Grill and Cleo’s to create Three Amigos, the partnership did not work out.

Now, Cleo’s is being remodeled, and owner Chris Ellison is trying to create a warm, exciting atmosphere. In the next few weeks, Cleo’s will be adding a Cajun and Creole menu to its services. Ellison said he is excited for the new food.

“Our excitement is knowing there is no Cajun food here [and] there is no Creole food here [currently],” Ellison said. “We can be that niche.”

Ellison and his team are working on jambalaya, gumbo and étouffée dishes for Cleo’s. They hope to gain approval from the Department of Health within the next 30 days. Once they have been approved, the bourbon whiskey bar will have specials each day. Ellison wants to make sure the food is affordable with low prices, he said. 

The establishment is meant for those over 21 years old; however, Ellison plans to use the side window where Sir Nacho's used to be as a place where anyone of any age can order food.

Cleo's has been open through the whole summer and will continue to be open during its changes. 

The hours will also extend with the addition of the Cajun food. It will be open from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday once it starts serving its new menu.