Ten signs you're an architecture major



1. “People think Revit is the name of your significant other.” Nicole Schendl, senior

Everyone has a piece of software in his or her major that becomes a lifeline. Spending hours on Revit is the norm for students in Ball State’s College of Architecture and Planning (CAP).

2. “You show up to studio wearing the same clothes as the day before … and the day before that.” Daniel Velasco, sophomore

When you spend days, not hours, working hard on projects, clean laundry is at the bottom of the priority list.

3. “You’ve slept in a cardboard box the night before your final project was due.” Scottie Manners, sophomore

Scratch that last sign. Sleep is the architecture major’s lowest priority.

4. “You play darts with X-Acto knives.” Molly Schultz, senior

A building full of creative minds can only lead to creative games—especially when trying to relieve the stress of projects.

5. “You spend more time in CAP than you do at home.” Patrick Tichenor, junior

Becoming a CAP student means selling your body and soul to the program, but the reward at the end is worth the effort.

6. “You’re walking back from a long night of studio and the street lights turn off because it is now morning.” Brendon Towle, senior

Nothing says hard work like experiencing beautiful Muncie sunsets and—more often than not—beautiful Muncie sunrises.

7. “You don’t say goodbye to your fellow majors, you say, 'See you later.'” Noah Donica, sophomore

There is no such thing as “tomorrow” when 19 hours are spent in the CAP building.

8. “Coffee is more than a substance, it’s a way of life.” Logan Richmond, senior

Coffee will always be there for you, even when sleep and clean laundry won't.

9. “You’re on a first-name basis with all the overnight janitors.” Eric Lawler, senior

The unsung heroes of the Ball State community become the greatest companions, especially during the battle to stay awake.

10. “You carry a sketch pad to every class, just in case.” Jessica Lynn, freshman

Creative minds always have to be prepared for creative opportunities. 


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