"Hope and Healing" ceremony prompts action


The "Hope and Healing" ceremony at Ball State's Beneficence statue, or Benny, attracted students and faculty alike.

The ceremony aimed to help students reflect on recent diversity issues that have surfaced on campus and in the state of Indiana. The event at Benny followed a dialogue discussion that invited students to voice their concerns about student-administration relationships.

"I think the discussion is extremely important. Especially after the last couple of weeks," President Ferguson said. "There have been a lot of concerns about being heard, about issues that may not have been addressed adequately. We don't want to be uncertain about what those issues are."

Student Government Association President-elect Jack Hesser explains how he plans to address these kinds of issues when he takes office in the fall.

"It's hard to just sit here and tell someone, 'Oh, be more open-minded,'" Hesser said. "Making sure these conversations are always happening in some way, shape or form around campus is going to be really important."

The conversations and data gathered at the dialogue will be used to identify trends. A committee of students and administrators will then create a report and action plan. This will help the university decide how to bridge gaps between students and the administration when diversity-related issues and conflicts arise.


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