Muncie gains 300 jobs at ASON by 2024



Governor Mike Pence traveled to Muncie today to speak at a press conference held at ASONS at 11 a.m.

Accompanied by Mayor Dennis Tyler and introduced by chief executive officer, Steven Helser, state and local leaders have been working with the economic development teams of Indianapolis and Muncie to make this job expansion happen.

“There is something very special about Muncie,” Pence said during the 15-minute-long press conference. “Muncie is a community that I know well…this is a place where great people, and great ideas have been coming together for generations and ASONS is just the latest chapter in Muncie.

This new project will bring in more than 316 jobs to Muncie’s community by 2024 said the press release from Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance.

Mayor Tyler is looking forward to adding these jobs.

“What I love about this project with ASONS,” Tyler said. “[Is that]…It’s critical if not more critical to protect and help the small businesses that we have in our communities to grow and become even more successful, and ASONS is the living breathing proof of what a true growing company can be.”

Steven Helser, CEO of ASONS, is focused on ensuring that the company direction is following the right path with the best resources while providing support to the entire team at the construction company.

“Our market has driven us for this expansion,” Helser said. “So these three hundred plus jobs are going to be all skill levels from our call center employees, through project coordinators, program managers, supervisors, business managers, accounting team members all the way through.”

Although the hiring process has already begun, Helser said those who are seeking work can still apply at


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