Jennifer Jones-Hall announces plan to resign


Six words sent in an email may have cost Jennifer Jones-Hall her job.

Earlier this month, Jones-Hall sent an email to Student Government Chief of Staff Chris J. Taylor. It addressed the concerns of former Student Government Association President Chloe Anagnos being named most outstanding senior. Many Ball State students said Anagnos didn't deserve the award because she previously owned a confederate flag.

Taylor wanted to acknowledge student complaints about Anagnos's award by sending out a statement on behalf of student government. When Taylor consulted with SGA advisor Jones-Hall, she cautioned him not to publish a statement.

In that email obtained by NewsLink Indiana, Jones-Hall said "The Big 4 (Multicultural Organizations) are not making comments [about the Emens Outstanding Senior Award] because the[y] are funded through the University and so is SGA. I would be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you."

Taylor sent that exchange to Ball State administrators, including President Paul Ferguson. Kay Bales Vice President of Student Affairs said Jones-Hall's email wasn't representative of the school's stance.

"Our goal is to be transparent, but most of all be supportive of the students… It is not the university's position to ever threaten the funding of any of our student organizations," Bales said.

Last week, Jones-Hall also apologized to Taylor for her comments.

Joan Todd with University Marketing and Communications told WCRD that "Jones-Hall tenured her resignation effective late Monday," and that she would be pursuing other opportunities.

Todd couldn't confirm that Jones-Hall's resignation was connected to the fallout from her email.


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