Ten signs you're a visual communications major

1. “When you buy a card you have no use for, because its type is absolutely gorgeous.” – Caitlin Cambron, senior

Visual communications or VizCom majors may have a hard time explaining to friends why they own enough cards to open their own Hallmark store, but it isn’t an uncommon conversation.

2. "You’ve been unable to concentrate on a speaker’s slides because the typeface was horrifying.” –Kelly Miller, junior

VizCom majors know that the style of a font can make or break a presentation or project.

3.  “You know that 'bleeding' doesn’t hurt.” – Xiaohao Chen, sophomore

VizCom majors deal with “bleeding” on a daily basis, about as much as doctors do. This bleeding refers to how type is styled and has less to do with medical emergencies.

4. “We know bad design when we see it and proceed to think of ways that we could have done it better.” – Alexis Wheeler, sophomore

Remember those “judging you” memes and gifs? The ones with photos of people sporting “girl, please” expressions? That’s the VizCom major’s face when looking at mediocre art.

5. When you can list more typefaces than your closest friends names.” – Stacie Kammerling, sophomore

VizCom majors are the Sherlock Holmes of information about typefaces.

6. “Life revolves around the Adobe creative suite.” – Whitney Albright, sophomore

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and the rest of Adobe are practically family to VizCom majors.

7. “Nothing else gets done until you finish your current project.” – Jasmine Troyer, sophomore

Brushing teeth, eating breakfast and taking a shower are all done with that one project in mind.

8. “You find yourself critiquing cereal boxes.” – Scherry Elizabeth Hirschy, sophomore

Thinking of better designs for a Cheerios box is the most important part of the most important meal of the day.

9. You have a client that “demands a simple yet complex logo that is modern yet classic.” – Grace Winiger, sophomore

The customer is always right. Unless they’re contradictory… and wrong. Super wrong.

10. “When your design process begins with coffee.” – Cove Lee, junior

Coffee is a friend, battery-recharger and all around magical drink. All you need is coffee.


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