Students plan campus photo shoot to thank David Letterman

David Letterman Thank You video

When: Noon, Feb. 20

Where: Shafer Bell Tower

Students are producing a thank-you tribute to David Letterman for his retirement and are calling for campus to join them for a commemorative photo Friday. 

The thank you video is complete with an original composition from a student to thank David Letterman for his contributions to Ball State, in honor of his retirement in May.

President Paul Ferguson will even participate in a photo for the video which will feature photos of students and faculty around campus saying “Thank you, David.”

Junior composition major Nathan Davis who is spearheading the project said he had the idea when his grandma suggested he should compose a song for Letterman to commemorate his retirement.

He partnered with some telecommunications students to turn it into a video with his composition, which features a jazz tune that blends together Ball State’s alma mater theme with the Late Show theme.

“He’s not gonna retire twice and I am in a better position than anybody to do this project. So why would I not take in the opportunity?” Davis said.

The video will reach David Letterman through Al Rent, the Letterman contact with University Marketing and Communications.

Rent said Ferguson will view and sign off on the video, and Rent will send it along to Letterman's people, who will make sure he gets to see it. 

"We are getting it to people who will get it to him," Rent said. "From there, the response is a flip of a coin. It is in his hands or at least in the show's hands." 

He described the video as an honest, heartfelt thank you. 

The organizers hope as many students as possible show up for the photo, which will gather at noon on Friday by Shafer Bell Tower.

“We want to make it look like all of campus came out for the photo,” he said. 


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