Water pipe breaks in Student Recreation and Wellness Center

After a water pipe broke early Tuesday morning at the Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center, rooms will be slightly modified for workouts.

The entire downstairs fitness center and weight room is now closed until further notice.

Dan Brynes, director of sports facilities management and recreation services is helping to make decisions to get the affected areas back up and running as soon as possible.

“We came in at 3:30 [in the morning] with our crew and found that the main entrance heater system, which is a water based system, line had broken,” Brynes said. “The lobby was standing water and most of the weight room was standing water.”

As students walked in and out of the main cardio entrance, most workouts are being cut short.

Sammy Swain, who trains at the Rec Center said, “I like to go down there and work out. There’s not as much equipment up stairs as there is downstairs, so it sucks.”

Brynes is working with employees of the Rec Center to get everything turned around as quickly as possible.

“We are keeping the cardio deck open, the track and the cardio upstairs with some weights so that the students and the staff and faculty are not inconvenienced too badly, “ said Brynes. “It’s going to be tough for them not to be down [in the weight room], but we are going to evaluate it tomorrow morning after 24 hours and see where we are. As soon as we can open it up, we will open it up. We want to make sure we do it safely.”

Brynes hopes to get a notice out by the end of the day with an update on the state of the weight room.

Alex Metcalfe, uses weights for daily workouts.

“I just found out, so it just inconveniences me because I have a set routine, like I try to come every day,” Metcalfe said. “I have a class that I’m supposed to fulfill stuff for too.”

The fitness center and track is still open with normal hours.


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