Muncie RadioShack closing soon

The last day of sales for RadioShack is coming up. The store on McGalliard Road will close on Feb. 26 with everything ranging from 40 to 70 percent off storewide. The store on Tillotson Ave., however, has already shut their doors.

The failing electronics retailer is closing 1,784 stores across the country by the end of March. And the two in Muncie are among the casualties. Although this only accounts for a little less than half of its total stores, RadioShack tweeted on February 6, “Thank you for all your support. We’re still here for you, many stores remain open.”

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in early February, which does not mean it intends to go out of business. It means RadioShack will be given a certain amount of time to rebuild itself and protect itself from creditors.

According to the company’s website it plans to sell the remaining stores to its largest shareholder, investment firm Standard General.

RadioShack says the reason for the massive closings is that it had over-saturated the market and many of its locations were competing with one another.

However that is not the reason some people haven’t shopped there in the past. Sophomore Jessica Goldy said the closings don’t matter to her. “I have never shopped at RadioShack,” Goldy said. “I buy all my stuff online.”

RadioShack hasn't announced how many employees will lose their jobs.


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