Student spreads positivity with anonymous compliments


Take Compliment Guy's advice and start spreading happiness in person instead of through internet sources like Ball State Secret Admirer with these uplifting compliments:

1. "You inspire me."

A Huffington Post article recommended using this compliment as a guaranteed mood booster. 

2. "You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

In an AskReddit thread, one user called it the greatest compliment they'd ever received. 

3. "I love talking with you."

Another Reddit user said this would have them walking on air. 

4. "I appreciate you immensely and I'm so glad you're in my life."

Okay so this one actually did come from Ball State Secret Admirers, but the recipient replied back with "Aww" and "You're amazing!" 

Another anonymous persona on campus would probably call Happy Friday Guy a pretty nice dude. That’s just how Compliment Guy is.

Compliment Guy, while lesser known than his blue suited counterpart, has been bringing smiles to campus since 2013.

He composes index card compliments spur of the moment and drops them off to the people he sees.

By the time you notice the compliment, he is usually on his way to go about the day. He said he’s not looking for a thank you, but he enjoys making someone’s day a bit better.

He developed the idea his sophomore year of school while browsing through the Ball State Secret Admirer's Facebook page.

Compliment Guy spotted a flaw in the anonymous posts: the person receiving the praise sometimes wouldn't know until hours or days after the event.

“I just kept thinking, ‘Why didn't you tell them a compliment then and there?” said Compliment Guy.

That same year, Compliment Guy began his positivity crusade.

“I remember writing it and just sitting at a table in the library for 10 minutes before I gave them the compliment,” he said about his first compliment. 

Compliment Guy said he doesn't have much of a method to handing out compliments. He usually frequents the library as students focus on studying or working on homework.

He looks for people who appear as if they spent a lot of time preparing for the day. If a guy possesses a nicely trimmed beard or a girl tried hard to style her hair, Compliment Guy knows what to do.

Lauren Seitz, a junior English and French major, received a compliment while sitting in the Atrium doing homework.

She said she saw someone’s hand place a small piece of paper next to her.

“You look pretty damn cute. Sincerely, the Compliment Guy,” the paper said.

She never saw who slipped her the compliment, but she appreciated the gesture.

“It felt nice to know that a complete stranger had noticed me long enough to stop and write out that little piece of paper for me,” Seitz said.

She likes the idea of one person taking the time to spread some joy to campus.

“I sincerely believe that he’s just a nice person who wants to help brighten peoples' days and I think that’s a great goal to have,” she said.