Excise police arrested or cited more people near Ball State than at Indiana University on Halloween night.

Officers cited 29 people near Ball State campus Friday night for offenses including: illegal possession and consumption of alcohol, possession of false ID, furnishing alcohol to minors and various traffic offenses according to a press release. Twenty were cited for similar offenses in Bloomington, near IU, which has an enrollment nearly double that of Ball State.

Indiana Excise Corporal Brandon Thomas said more arrests were made near Ball State because students tend to walk around in large crowds in the residential areas east of campus near New York and Wheeling Avenues. This makes it easier for officers to spot partiers who are drawing the wrong kind of attention to themselves, he said.

42 people were cited over Halloween weekend at Ball State

29 people were cited on Halloween at Ball State

20 people were cited on Halloween at Indiana University

4 people were cited on Halloween at Earlham College

4 people were cited on Halloween at Indiana State University

“This area is also a source of constant complaints from neighbors who are not BSU students,” he said.

People have a harder time walking to parties and bars around IU, Thomas said, which makes it harder for officers to spot illegal behavior.

Excise officers patrolled Ball State Thursday through Saturday arresting or citing 42 people for 60 offenses in total.

A 19-year-old woman was taken to Indiana University Ball Memorial Hospital Friday night around 10:40. Officers saw her staggering while walking with another person on Locust Street and took her to the hospital where her blood alcohol content was registered as .265, according to the press release.

Excise police patrolled other Indiana campuses Friday night, citing four people in Richmond near Earlham College for charges including: illegal possession or consumption of alcohol, possession of false ID and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Four people were cited in Terre Haute near Indiana State University. Two minors were issued summons for possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages. Two adults were also cited for furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor and inducing a minor to possess an alcoholic beverage.