The man accused of stabbing a Ball State student was released from custody Monday after posting $20,000 bail.

According to police documents, Curtis Altman, 19, of Lafayette broke up a fight before leaving a party Saturday night on West Abbott Street, then returned and stabbed Ball State student Cody Guarriello.

Altman is facing a level three felony charge for aggravated assault.

He told detectives that a friend he was with started arguing with a group of guys sitting outside the party after they were denied entry because they didn’t know the right people, said Muncie Police Detective Michael Rehfus.

Altman told Rehfus he stepped between his friend and the other party-goers to break up the fight.

During that altercation Altman said he was slapped in the face by Guarriello, according to official documents.

Altman removed his friend from the party, but returned to the house, found Guarriello and told him not to speak to his friend disrespectfully. The two then engaged in a verbal argument, and eventually Altman asked Guarriello if he wanted to get stabbed and pulled out a silver pocket knife.

Guarriello countered, asking if Altman wanted to get shot, according to the affidavit.

Guarriello then punched Altman in the face, and Altman swung his arm, stabbing Guarriello in the abdomen.

Altman fled the scene but was later apprehended by Muncie police. Guarriello was taken to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital for his injuries.

Guarriello declined to talk with The Daily News.