Xbox October Update Now Available


Microsoft is emphasizing convenience in their most recent update to the Xbox One. In addition, players now have a factor of competition with their friends with the new gamerscore leaderboards.

The 250MB of data also adds more to the Snap feature, allowing for players to quickly ‘snap’ an app to their Xbox button. In addition, players can use this feature to record the last thirty seconds of their gameplay.

Achievements have become a bit more competitive with the ability to caption them as you find them. You can also see if your friends have the same achievement. To top it all off, the new gamerscore leaderboards rank your friends to see how you compare recently and overall.

Finally, the inconvenience of losing your controller isn’t necessarily as stressful as it used to be. You can have your controller vibrate remotely, to make your search for it a bit easier if needed.


Source: Verge via Gizmodo

Image: Wikipedia


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