FASHION FIX: That’s, hopefully, so last year

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It’s true, 2013 was a good year for fashion. Pantone’s color of the year — emerald green —swept the streets, Rick Owens brought stomping to the runway, Prada cast a black model for the first time in 20 years and Kate Middleton continued to make me weep happy tears with every flawless outfit she sported.

The year also brought us a few trends that, hopefully, we can all agree should be left behind.


High-low dresses
These dresses initially seemed like the perfect mix of formal and casual. Business in front, party in back, right? Nope. The mullet dress has got to go.

Let’s add a peplum to every dress, every shirt and every skirt, said every woman’s clothing store. I’m all for a good peplum top. They can be very flattering, especially in business-casual clothing, but not everything needs a peplum.

No matter how many girls you see nearly brake their ankle in these tacky shoes, they still insist on wearing them out. Heels are sexy, but round-toed 6-inch “stripper heels” are not. Pointy-toed heels with ankle straps are the solution for 2014.

Athletic shoes and jeans
I don’t care how “fresh” your new Nike kicks or Air Jordans are, they do not belong paired with jeans. Athletic shoes are made for athletic clothes. No exceptions.

Crop tops
They had a good run, really. First, crop tops were very fashion forward. Girls were wearing them with skater skirts and DIY high-waisted jorts and all was right in the world. Then people began pairing them with low-rise Abercrombie jeans, Miley Cyrus wore one every day and the appeal plummeted. While cropped shirts are out the door, I am still not giving up on the cropped sweaters. They have a few more months.

Ombre hair
I’ll admit, when the trend first started, I was all about it, but then I came to my senses. Why would someone willingly choose to look like a skunk? Hair was not meant to be half black, half white. It just wasn’t. This spring, tell your hairdresser you want a natural balayage. Look it up and thank me later.

Seriously, let them rest in peace. End of story.

Wedge sneakers
Are they sneakers? Are the wedges? What are they? Whatever they are, they don’t belong in your closet unless you’re a basketball wife.


Once you cleared your closet of the unstylish remnants of last year, check out these top five 2014 trends to look out for.

Plaid blazers
On everyone, these blazers are the perfect mix of casual and fancy. The plaid pattern turns a usually stuffy blazer into a statement piece. Mix a plaid or checkered blazer with another print for a more casual look.

Radiant orchid
Pantone announced radiant orchid as its color of this year, and I’ve been fangirling ever since. The color is already being incorporated into spring clothing lines and more importantly, my wardrobe. The color will bombard the market not only in clothing, but also in makeup, for spring.

Men’s florals
Men’s fashion finally gets a chance to rock floral and no, I don’t mean a Hawaiian shirt. A floral pattern can spruce up T-shirts, collared shirts and blazer this spring in menswear.

Jumpers have become more flashy than casual. They can easily replace a dress for a more comfortable party look. Add swanky accessories, a chunky necklace or chandelier earrings, for a fancier look.

Tea-length skirts
Finally, something my grandma will love to see back in style. Tea-length skirts, while modest, can be edgy. The mid-length skirt makes shoes the focal point of your outfit, so slip on a pair of strappy heels or booties.


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