Pizza Hut employee uses martial arts to fight off attacker

An employee of a Pizza Hut was involved in an attempted armed robbery during a delivery Tuesday.

Skyler Rose, a 20-year-old Muncie resident, had cuts on his left side after a man with a knife attacked him, but did not go to the hospital and was able to return to work shortly after the incident.

Rose said he used a combination of Krav Maga and Muay Thai to defend himself against the attacker, who did not manage to take any of Rose’s belongings.

Rose had just delivered a pizza to a home on the 700 block of North Jefferson Street and was returning to his car when a man approached him asking for a cigarette, Rose said.

After Rose said he does not smoke, the man pulled out a knife and demanded Rose’s keys and wallet.

“I stood there, waiting for what he was going to do,” Rose said. “He didn’t ask again. He actually pulled the knife and lunged toward me.”

Rose said he grabbed the attacker’s arm and pushed it away from himself. He then struck the attacker in the jaw with his elbow.

The attacker lunged forward again, so Rose grabbed the attacker’s wrist and kicked his knee in, causing the attacker to fall away.

Rose then pulled out his own knife while the attacker was on the ground, he said, at which point the attacker ran away.

Rose has been taking martial arts lessons for about two years, he said. He thinks it is important for people to know methods of self defense or to carry weapons if they are not physically intimidating.

“I didn’t use my knife,” he said. “All I had to do was take it out, and that ended things.”

Rose said people should always know their surroundings and be prepared to react.

“If you’re in a dark area or any area you feel uncomfortable, don’t listen to music, don’t be on your phone,” said Rose, who plans to study criminal justice at Ball State next semester.

“It’s always better to be more cautious than less.”


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