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In the next year, Blackboard will replace inQsit and Gradebook as a place for course information, grades and tests. Teachers will have the option of putting their courses on Blackboard. One site will hold all of your class content, grades and online testing. After orientation, each student will receive a username and password. We identified the main places students need to be familiar with on the website to be successful. 

My Courses

Each course you are enrolled in is linked in this section. After clicking on the class, you will find all of its content information including the course syllabus and assignments. Usually at least two semester’s worth of classes are available on the home page. 

Some teachers will ask for assignments to be submitted on Blackboard. To do this, click on the title of the assignment, which will take you to a submission page. From there, the assignment can either be entered into the text box on that page or selected from the browser and uploaded as a document or other file. After clicking submit, a confirmation page allows you to check that you attached the right document. 

Most tests work the same way. They are listed like assignments on the course’s home page and are a link to the test. So far, if teachers want to restrict the test to be taken during class time or in a lab, they will be password protected and the password is only provided under those circumstances. 

My Grades

The grades for each course you take are listed in this section. Scroll all the way to the right and click on the letter or dash next to the course. This will take you to the grades listed. Teacher choose how they want to set this section up, but most have a cumulative grade average listed toward the top and assignments listed below. This is more convenient for teachers than using a separate site for grades because the grade book automatically links to the submitted assignments and tests. 


This will list the most recent activity on Blackboard. For example, when teachers post new content or update a due date, a reminder will appear. Blackboard is also linked to your Ball State email account, and important activity will be included in an email.

For more information contact the Technology HelpDesk by calling 765-285-1517 or going to their page on


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